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Best Car Insurance Plan

Getting the Best Car Insurance Plan

We all want to pay less for the bills we deal with every day. Car insurance is no exception. While there are many different companies to choose from, it can make it even that much more difficult to choose the right car insurance. You want to find the best coverage that you can for your vehicle, but no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for good coverage. It’s very important to do the research to find cheaper automobile coverage so that you aren’t sacrificing the important aspects that car insurance is used for.

Make the Switch

You may be paying a low rate with your current Youi car insurance company. However, most policies run on a six month basis, so when your policy is up, don’t just automatically renew it. The company you are with may have given you a terrific plan to begin with but then slowly increase their rates the longer you stay with them. Don’t be afraid to shop around for better rates or a new plan, no matter how long you have been with your current company. Loyalty means nothing if your coverage is increasing every time your plan renews.

If you happen to have an actual insurance agent still, let them know you have found a better plan before you drop them to make the switch. They might just be willing to match their price in order to keep you as a customer. It never hurts to ask!

Always Compare Rates

Every car insurance company calculates their own prices, and these rates can easily differ by hundreds of dollars. Comparison shopping will easily show you who has the best rates as well as the best coverage. You never want to sacrifice service or coverage because of cost, but then again, you may already be paying too much for car insurance.

You can easily spend hours looking for car insurance online when you visit individual websites. Look for a website that lets you comparison shop from one convenient place. You’ll simply input your personal information one time and the website will do the rest. You’ll get dozens of quotes for car insurance at once, and you can compare prices and coverage in one convenient place. If you choose a plan that seems best for you, you can simply continue with their personal application process from that page.

Shop When Situations Change

There are different circumstances that will cause your rates to either increase or decrease. You’ll always want to shop for car insurance when you think that your rates will change, such as when you get married or divorced, or when you add your son or daughter to your policy. If you are purchasing a new vehicle, now is the time to look for new car insurance, because you may be looking at lower rates if the vehicle is older or less expensive than the one you drive now. If you are buying a second car, adding it to the same car insurance policy may also lower your rates.

Consider Your Credit

When you are looking for the best car insurance, credit matters. Many companies take your credit score into consideration when you are buying insurance, and the better credit you have, the lower your rates will generally be. If you have a poor credit score, you may be stuck with a higher rate, but this is all the more reason to work on it. At the end of your policy, check your credit rating. Even if you have only gone up slightly, you may still get a discount.

Drive Safely

It should definitely go without saying that you should drive safely. Auto accidents and traffic violations are the number one reason that car insurance costs go up. Even one speeding ticket and cause your rates to climb higher and typically stay that way for at least three years.

A DUI charge will more than likely cause your insurance company to actually drop coverage on your vehicle, or they may not renew your policy when the time comes. Typically, insurance rates will almost double if you have a driving under the influence charge on your record. You’ll end up paying thousands extra in insurance for years because of one mistake. Obviously, stay off the roads if you are not sober and save money and possibly lives.

Raise Your Deductible

Car insurance policies usually have three options when it comes to choosing a deductible. You can opt to pay either $250, $500 or $1,000 if your car is involved in an accident. Most people choose the lesser amount, but in the long run, you pay more in insurance. Choosing the higher deductible will lower your premiums per month. If you are accident-free for years, you’ll absolutely save money.

If you are worried about having to pay more for the deductible if you are in an accident, consider setting up a savings account and depositing your car insurance savings directly into it. That way, you will be covered in the event you need it.

Boat Insurance A Requirement?

Is Boat Insurance A Requirement?

Boat insurance is an important subject, but not everyone wants to pay for it. It’s an added expense for boat owners that no one wants to pay, but the decision isn’t typically an option. When you buy a boat, you purchase boat insurance. It’s the responsible thing to do, and it’s the safest thing you can do for your finances. No matter how great a driver you are, how safe you are on the water, and how safe you are towing your boat home and to the water, you’re only in control of your own actions. The actions of others are beyond your control, and someone else’s negligence could cost your family tens of thousands of dollars without boat insurance. It’s also important to note boat insurance simply isn’t an option in most cases. If you’re unsure whether you absolutely need it or you can get away without out, the following breakdown can answer those questions on your behalf.

Lender Requirements

If you purchase a boat with the help of a financial lender and make monthly payments to the lender, you are required by law to carry boat insurance from Youi. There is no fine print, no exception, and no way around this rule. Lenders are in the business to protect their own interests, and your boat is their boat until you make the final payment. As long as you have a boat loan through them, the lender requires you protect the boat and their asset or they’ll take action against you. You are free to find your own boat insurance policy with your boat company, but you must provide proof to the lender prior to leaving with the boat. If your insurance lapses, your lender finds out through the insurance company and requires you purchase a new plan without question.

State Law

Every state’s laws differ. No two states have the same boating laws, but many states do require some form of boat insurance is carried by all who own a boat. It’s called liability coverage, and it’s not an option. This insurance is in place to protect everyone who enjoys being on the water from the negligence of others.

If you are driving your boat one day and aren’t paying attention to the waterway, you could cause an accident with another boat, hit a jet ski, or even run into someone’s dock destroying it. If this happens, you are responsible for the cost of repairs for all damaged property, and all the medical bills for those who were injured during the accident. If you don’t carry insurance, you are personally liable for these things, and you can be sued by the party whose home or personal property you damaged or destroyed.

Liability insurance covers you if this happens. It provides proper payment to the victims of the accident, it helps cover the cost of their medical bills and any repairs they have to make to their property. It also helps you avoid personal liability in case you are sued as a result of the accident.

Marina Requirements

Some boaters feel they don’t need insurance on their boat for several reasons. It’s paid for, and they don’t take the boat on the road where so many accidents occur. They dock their boat at a marina where it’s safe from those who might not stop in time to avoid hitting the boat on the back of their truck. These boaters still need boat insurance. Marinas don’t allow any boater to dock their boat in their facility without boat insurance. It becomes a liability to the marina, and marinas don’t want that type of responsibility.

Say something happens to your boat while it’s stored at a marina. There was some sort of engine malfunction, and the boat catches on fire. The boat then burns down the entire marina and the three dozen other boats docked. The marina has insurance, but their insurance isn’t for instances such as this. A situation like this is for your own insurance to handle, which is why marinas don’t deviate or make exceptions to the rules in place regarding boat insurance.

Regardless what any other business requires in terms of insurance, you should purchase a policy. Your own finances are at risk each time you take your boat out, after all. If something happens to your boat, can you afford to make the necessary repairs on your own? Can you afford to replace your boat if it’s totaled? Can you afford to pay for any damage your boat causes to someone else on the water, the road, or even at home if your boat is not insured? For many boat owners, the answers to these questions are a resounding no. Boats are expensive, and paying for the damage to one is no exception.

If you’re shopping for an insurance policy for your boat, ask lenders about discounts available to you. If you have any formal boat training, certifications, or you have taken any boat or water safety classes, you are eligible for some insurance discounts. If you bundle your policies, you’re also eligible for some insurance discounts. It’s not always as expensive as you assume, but you should do your homework.


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